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SteppersUSA.Com is the national clearinghouse for all things related to Chicago Style Stepping Dance pronounced Steppin' or Stepping. A place where Steppers, artist's, publicist's, DJ's, Videographers, Movie makers, club owners, and fans can tell and show the world about what is known as Chicago Style Steppin'. Steppers, this site's for you!

In Chicago They call it Stepping, or Chicago Style Stepping, In other parts of the country they call it Jazz dance, The Cakewalk, The Ringshout, The Jitterbug, The Swing, Jazz. Inside you will find what is probably the most comprehensive list of just about anything related to Stepping. You will find links to Steppers web sites, A constantly updated list Steppers lessons, and instructors, clubs and events, and their locations both locally and nationally. There are links to artists who do Steppers music, as well as the DJ's who play the music. There is a whole lot more. Come on in and browse around. Steppers, DJ's, Club Owners, no matter who you are. Enjoy yourself at SteppersUSA.Com!

Included in the site are resources for publicist's to promote Stepping, Movie makers, and videographers who are looking for talent to film the Steppers Dance. Or are you just looking for Steppers Videos? We can point you to the Chicago style steppers videos or steppers/dance clips on the web. Are you looking for Stepping INSTRUCTION, or disk jockeys doing their brand of steppers remix at a steppin party Chicago style or anywhere else in the USA. Do you step?

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